Sunday, 1 July 2012

Feed the Birds

Nathan and Jeremy were part of the Bird Feeding Team in our inquiry.  They decided that it was important to support the food chain of our native birds until we could establish some more native trees that would feed the birds.  

They searched the internet to see what our native birds needed to eat.  They searched again to find a recipe for bird feeders then organised the ingredients and parents to help.

Three lots of different feeders were made and they attracted thousands of small birds.  The team had to then identify the birds as wax-eyes or silver-eyes. To do this they checked with two different sources - Mrs Winter, the librarian and the Internet.

The issue then became - how do we attract the tui and bellbird rather than just the wax-eyes?  We will also have to keep making bird feeders throughout the whole winter to feed all the birds that had started to visit outside our class window.

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