Monday, 2 July 2012

Writing Seed Book

I have been working on the cover of my Writing Seed Book and here it is.  I use some scrap-booking techniques but you should put all the things on the front that inspire or interest you.  Make this book special to you.

On the inside pages make sure you give each of your treasure or seed ideas a page of their own...... this is the reason why.

Each seed idea is going to have a type of brainstorm, thinking about all the different types of writing we could do with it.  Take a look at the silly picture that looks like me as a kid.  I have ideas about writing these sorts of things:

Description of me as a kid.
Diary in the life of a 1970's child.
Description of my home and farm.
Timeline of the major events in my life.
List of my dreams.
Newspaper announcement of my birth.
Story of a kid with magical powers.
Memoirs of small events in my life e.g. falling off the motorbike, saving a sick cow, catching a magpie for a pet!

We will make a huge list of types of writing at school and use this to help us with our ideas. During the holidays just gather some writing seeds and paste them on separate pages.  

I can't wait for the e-mails of your front covers!

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