Thursday, 31 May 2012

Setting up the worm farms

Wow - we have five worm farms to set up next week and we need to so some research so we know how to do it.

1.  Rounds of cardboard
2.  Rounds of carpet
3.  Newspapers
4.  Soil
5.  Worms
6.  Water

We need to find out what worms eat so we can make some food collection buckets.  Our worms will need feeding each day we go over to the garden.  Write comment to tell us what they like to eat.


  1. I think that its a good idea to put on a blog. you would learn a lot on that vido like how to bild a worm farm. I bet kids all a round the would whould like worms.

    age 8 Isabella

  2. Hi
    You can find some another useful short guide at this link:

  3. I am looking ford to when we put them up. Thank you Brodie's grandmama. We appeshate it.

    {Chloe age8]

  4. Yes - thanks to all our donators of worm farms. They include Brodie's Gran, our lovely Trish - our parent from Room 5 who knows all about soil, worms and insects and Lucy from Room 5's mum. We get to do so many cool things because people give so much. Thank you all.

  5. Lucy's mum has given us a really cool book she has written about worms. I wonder if we'll find out what to feed them in that? Where else could we look to find out what our worms need to eat?

    Do we need to do anything to keep them warn in this freezing weather?


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