Sunday, 6 May 2012

Taking a photo - basic rules & head shot

We are looking at how to take a good photo this term. 
This is so we can use the iPads and camers to support our learning and to enter the photography competition for the end of the month. 

Lesson number 1 - basic rules with a camera...
iPad notes:  There is no lanyard for an iPad so you must always hold it with two hands.  Steady it against a table or yourself so the shot is not blurry.  Check which camera you are using - the front or the back one and make sure the cover or your fingers don't get in the way. 

Lesson number 2 - head shot...

Take two photographs of people - one or more together, in the classroom during learning times.  Make the subject (the people) the biggest in the picture but think about the story you are trying to tell.

On the iPad, e-mail your image to Room 6 then save it as Jeremyheadshot1 - name type of photo then number.  Go to our e-mail then save your image in the Photography Term 2 folder.

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