Friday, 1 June 2012

Home Learning - Phelix the hero!

Hi Mrs Taylor. This is me at my swimming lessons. We were learning about boats and life jackets and what to do in an emergency out in the water. I was the captain of the crew in the boat. I had to pull 9 people into the boat. I used their arm holes of the life jacket to pull them in. I had great fun.
From Phelix


  1. Chloe age8

    Looks like when you are older you will be able to help people that can't swim because you can.

  2. Hi Pheilx I like the way you are pulling people out of water and rescuing people The boat is
    really cool Liam age 8

  3. Pheilx was it hard to pull them on the boat?


    1. yes because i had to pull them by the arm holes.

  4. Pheilx where are you? I can't see you.

    Sophie age 8

  5. To Phelix
    Great work.
    You really are a hero.
    from Maya


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