Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Class River Trip

Yesterday we went to Coes Ford to find out about the pollution in the lakes around New Zealand. There we met Errol who was freezing, because he had been in the river to collect samples of the insects for us to find.

Then we meet Steve and his dog, who tried to make it fun to teach us about the native trees he had been planting around the Ellesmere area. We made a food chain with him and looked at the young forest he had planted.

Then we went to the domain at the Selwyn Huts and there Eli took us to his amazing tree hut. This was great home learning.
At the end of our trip, we went to lake  Ellesmere,  the fifth biggest lake in  New Zealand  to meet Clem with a Long finned eel and a short finned eel as well. 
We got to see him release the the eels.  It was an amazing sight seeing it go out to the Pacific Ocean to have babies in Samoa or Tonga then die.

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