Sunday, 13 May 2012

Camera Spot 2

Taking Macro Shots:

When taking a macro shot, walk closer to the subject rather than use the zoom.  There is no macro on the iPad so only walk close if it is still in focus.  This shot is good for things like fossils, flowers and insects.

Using different Angles:
The subject stays the same but your camera angle changes how it looks.  Remember that the GIANT angle makes things look small, the eye-level angle makes things look normal and the snail angle makes things look huge - just like they would to a snail.  The possum view is pretty cool - it is snuggled up very close as if you are hanging onto the subject. 

Camera Shot Challenge:
This week you need to take three photos.
1. A macro shot (try the fossils or flowers)
2. A portrait from an unusual angle (giant view, snail view...)
3. A photo with guiding lines (guide you to the subject)

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