Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Secret Garden Club

The Secret Garden Club had its first meeting today.  The executive (leaders) have been appointed from Year 6 - Anja, Anna, Macaulay, Jack G and Cameron.  There will be 'Feed and Meet' at 12 on Friday next, where we will plan the action for the next week, but start collecting seeds and plants for your winter crops like broad beans, cabbages or broccoli.

1.  Allotments were allocated to Garden Club Teams
2.  Bricks were placed to show individual gardens
2.  Weeding has begun

There are still five allotments available to senior students, but you must be serious and ready for work at lunch times.  Check in with the Room 9 leaders and talk to Allana if you are up for the challenge.

I will be available to go gardening second lunch this Friday, so bring your gummies and a label for your spot.

Leave a comment with your ideas about what we could do next in our Secret Garden.


  1. You are doing a great job so far gardners fantastic.

  2. Hi Garden team i love the great work that you are doing. Can you tell me what you are growing?

    Isabella age 8.

  3. Isabella, I have been shopping for plants for the garden. I bought beetroot, cabbages, garlic, silver beet, broccoli, lettuce, broad beens and sweet peas for a bit of colour! We will be planting them all next week.


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