Wednesday, 23 May 2012

So what should we do?

Over the last four weeks we have done lots of finding out and today have even decided what the issues are with 'Time is running out' for our environment and the animals in it.

1.  Our waterways are being polluted and we need to make sure people know how to look after them.
2.  We need to look after our endangered native birds because they are hungry and need a strong food chain.

We have lots of ideas about what we could do to help solve these problems.  Write down your idea on a sticky for the Wallwisher so we can jump into action because the E-Team is going to come to the rescue!

1 comment:

  1. Sunday: Well done, we have 14 posts so far but one is from Donkey and another is from me. That means we still have 12 comments to come.

    Get a wriggle on and post your sticky on Monday please because we want to make some choices about our inquiry action! Allana


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