Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We are Team Endeavour - explanation - Chloe

Who is Team Endeavour and what do they believe?

Hi we are the team Endeavour or we are known as the Endeavour Waka because we are all in the Waka and work as a team. We are all a class of 8 to 10 year olds who have 300 people visit our amazing blog a day. Some of the Team Endeavour kids have their own blog! (Kids Blogs)

In the Team Endeavour we work as a team like we are paddling a Waka. The paddles remind us what we believe.
In one of the paddles we have show respect.  This means we show respect in class. Our second paddle is to give our best.  This means we try to give 100% work. The third paddle is AKO.  This means that we are all teachers and learners.  We teach others. The fourth paddle is know our targets. This means we know our targets all day.  The fifth paddle is be ready to learn. This means we have everything ready for the next learning lesson. The sixth paddle is work as a team. This means we all work together. As you can see, Waka Endeavour is all about working together to get down our learning path.

Team Endeavour is so proud because they get to share their learning with the world and it’s fun to get comments. When we get comments it helps us know our next steps for our learning and get ideas. We can buddy with other classes in New Zealand.  We are proud of all the things that the E-Team puts on their blog and makes us get better at our learning. We can share our Te Reo, learning, home play challenges and especially our writing. Every class should have a blog so you know your next learning steps.

The E-Team Endeavour uses Daily 5 every week day. We have three tasks -  they are read to self, listen to reading and read to buddy. We have anchor charts that help us know what we need to work on and what we need to do.

A very important part of Daily 5 is the cafe board.  This tells us the strategies to use and what our targets are for reading. The parts of the CAFE board are ...
C= comprehension. That means I understand what I read. 
A= accuracy. That means I can read a variety of words.
F= fluency. That means I can read with accuracy and expression. 
E= expand vocabulary. That means I am finding out the meanings of new words. 

So we select good  fit books, we use ‘I Pick’.  That stands for:
I = I pick. 
p = purpose.  That means why do I want to read?
I = interest. That means does it interest me?
C = comprehend. That means do I understand it?
K = know. That means do I know most of the words? 
Daily 5 really helps us become better readers because we read all the time with our nose in the book.  

As you can see the Team Endeavour is a very good class if you want to be a great learner. If you can look on our blog and see what the Team Endeavour is getting up to. (Endeavour Blog)

By Chloe

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