Thursday, 27 June 2013

E team - who are we?

E-Team Endeavour Waka.

Hi we are the E-Team Endeavour and we are a group of 8-9 year old students at Springston School, Christchurch, New Zealand. Our class is special because we have a waka, we love doing Daily 5 and have an amazing blog to share our learning. 

Team Endeavour have a waka that we are all in and paddle together to follow the pathways of learning.
The first paddle is AKO AKO is kids teach teachers and teachers teach kids and kids teach kids. Then comes know your target like your writing target and your self managing target. As you can see the next one is show respect.  That means that if someone is showing you something and talking you show respect by listening. The third paddle is work us a team, which means a group of people work nicely us a group and do the best work they can.
The fifth paddle is give our best that means when you are told to work hard you give your best work you can. The last one is be ready to learn that means you have your pencil and pen and be ready. This gets us working and has our best learning.

We love our Daily 5 because it helps us in our reading.  The four tasks and they are listen to reading,  read to self, work on word, and read to someone, that is sit EEKK EEKK is knee to knee elbow to elbow book in the middle so we both can see. 

The cafe board is an important part of Daily 5.  It shows the strategies for reading on the wall.  
C = comprehension - I understand what I am reading
A = accuracy -  I read a variety of words
F= fluency - I don’t sound like a robot
E= expand vocabulary  - I am finding out the meanings of new words.
Daily 5 is a good learning tool for learning to read and is the best.

The E-Team blog makes us proud. We can get better at our writing and reading because we get good comments from our readers. We see how we can edit it and we can share our learning. We can work with the whole world and can have our own blogs. We can have blog buddies and get the best learning. The blog is a good class tool and can make us proud.

From Bella

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