Friday, 14 June 2013

Message from Spot

We got to school this morning and found Spot waiting.  We were so excited that one of us danced around the room hugging spot and shouting his name! 

This is the message he had for us.  We might need to teach him to use a capital for I. 


  1. Who was the mystery photographer that captured this shot?

  2. Spot smelled a bit like play dough when he got home. He was also very grubby. How can we help him clean up?

  3. Hi E-team
    We realised after Spot had left that he forgot his pencil and planner! We will make sure that he gets them back next week.

    Jack was really happy to be back in Kowhai Room and has been telling us about all the great things he has been up to - it looks like he has been really busy because his fur needs a bit of a clean too!

  4. Spot we really missed you but we saw your posts and were glad your back.

    From Phelix


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