Thursday, 20 June 2013

Skip count in threes game

Watch the video and write a comment with the answer.  How many groups of three were in the game and what total soes this make?  Try playing this game in maths with your team.  Can you try in other groups like fours or sixes?


  1. Hi
    I think this is an amazing idea! I think the anwsere was 24.
    can't wait to catch up again!

    1. You are a Super Star Tia of Kowhai Conversation. You visit your Blog Buddy School, on a Friday night, to write comments! Jack the Cat and your teacher will be proud of you!

    2. Oops - looking at the time stamp - it was even worse ..... Saturday morning at about 7.30am!

    3. Gosh Tia, you are the Kowhai Room blogging star! I'm so impressed.
      Maybe you could show the class this video and teach them the game!


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