Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Jack the Cat's weekend at Lachie's

In the weekend Jack came to my house. We helped my friend catch heaps of insects and he stole (borrowed) my chapter book. And he taught me some of my times tables but on Tuesday he was too lazy to get up so he stayed at home.


  1. Hi Lachie
    Sounds like Jack had a great weekend! Spot went home with Jorja, Gabrielle and Tobey this weekend - I'm sure they will blog soon about his weekend!

    Jack is a bit of a lazy cat! The 'real' Jack cat at my house is very lazy! He spends all day asleep on my bed and in winter when it is really cold he hides under the covers!

    What chapter book did Jack read? He loves to read - it's one of his favourite things - I think his favourite book is "Ralph S. Mouse" by Beverly Cleary - mainly because he really wants to catch the mouse!

  2. Hi Lachie,
    Did Jack enjoy the rugby game on Friday night. What did Jack do on Tuesday.


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