Monday, 3 June 2013

Home Learning Challenge Weeks 5 and 6

There is no excuse!  Mum and Dad know it is here!  Plan your time well.  Learn heaps and be ready to share that learning with us on Friday 14th June.

14th June is Genius Hour & Home Learning due date
You must make an effort on the Home Learning Grid to participate in the Home Play Challenge!
Grow those blogger muscles to get your own blog by posting 2x a week and commenting 5x a week!

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  1. Hi Room6 I have been doing home leaning to I have been in a shop in avonhead working in a flower shop.
    I love the kids learning blog and hope you can get more on and I love the sound of what you are doing it sounds like fun.

  2. Hey Bella - what did you do at the flower ship? What skills did you use or learn? You could write this down on your Home-Learning Grid for this next week. We can learn anywhere and anytime.


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