Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Top 10 Wonders of NZ

We looked at the 7 New Wonders of the World and decided how they might have been chosen.

We then looked at what we thought might be the Top 10 Wonders of New Zealand.  We will have to vote for the Top 10 so write you suggestion in a comment below.  Remember to give reasons to convince us your selections should be included.

Photo by Mark Taylor - used with permission

This is one of my choices.  Can you find out where it is?

Miss Lyall from Weedons thinks this should be one of our 10 Wonders of NZ.  
Check out the link below.  Miss Lyall's choice.


  1. structure carve into stone and the el-deir monastery have helped Petra, Jorden, Earn its fame

    liam room 6

    1. Hey Liam - you must be talking about Petra that amazing city carved in rock in Jordan. I think it is one of the New wonders of the world.

      What would you choose to be a Wonder of New Zealand? Use the 100% NZ link on the blog to take you to all the places around New Zealand.

  2. Hi Team!
    Did you know that Jase and Dave on Classic Hits Radio are currently traveling around NZ finding what they think the 7 Wonders of NZ are. They have been in some very interesting places and have some funny ideas about what the wonders could be!

    This is one of the places I think should be on the list


    Miss Lyall


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