Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Before Sunrise Movie - Estee

Estee has finished her movie about The Shadow from our Term 1 writing.  I love the way she uses great expression to read her story in the movie.  Please write her a constructive comment about her writing and the movie.


  1. Estée, I love the way you use so much expression to tell your story. It really draws me into what is happening and keeps my attention. The way you have used your voice to create spooky music for the background is amazing too! Keep up this really creative work.

    It is really worth editing your writing so it is ready to publish!

  2. Hi Estée
    Your movie is awesome! I think it was great that you said who made the proper movie.
    From Maggie

  3. Estee the way you tell the story had me hanging on every word. The background music is really good. Did you make it?


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