Monday, 13 May 2013

Caught - Spot during Daily 5

Spot was caught today during Daily 5 doing all the right things.

During Read to Buddy he was sitting EEKK - elbow to elbow, knee to knee.  Can you see the book in the middle so that he and Kiwi can both see?  They were using quiet voices so we could all build our stamina.

Later on in the session Spot was caught Reading to Self.  Can you see that he got started straight away and was reading all the time?  He remembered to take his book box with him and even got ear-muffs to help him concentrate.

Great work Spot the Dog!


  1. spot is so cute how is his daily five going

  2. Hi spot how are you how is the daily 5?

    Jack B

  3. Hi spot how is that book going.

    Isabella M

  4. Hi Isabella, Spot told me that he was loving the book but isn't quite sure what strategy to use when he gets stuck on a word. Can you give him some advice?


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