Sunday, 26 May 2013

Blog Buddies - Zac & Baileigh

As you can tell - we are having a few technical difficulties with the Photo-babbles being rotated.  If you have any ideas on how we could fix them - we would love to hear.

Ignoring that ..... here is Zac introducing himself to Bailey.  I hope Bailey answers the questions that Zac asked!


  1. Hi Zac my fav computer games are Minecraft and roblox.


    1. Thanks for telling me what your fav game was. My fav game is world grand prix racing.

      Whats your fav food.

      From Zac

  2. Hey Baileigh - really sorry for spelling your name wrong at the start. I hope I have got it right now!
    You must be watching our blog closely - I have only just put Zac's babble up. Super work Kowhai Team!



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