Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Spot's Learning

Before school today, Spot was seen doing jobs in the class.  This is because he was showing initiative.  He is in the Endeavour Waka.

Spot also wrote a target in his planner and sneaked in some Buddy Reading with Maggie.  Check out their Coaching Sheet in case he gets stuck on a word.


  1. Hi Maggie, what would you say to Spot if he got stuck on a word?
    How would you help him build his reading muscles?


  2. Hi Spot and Maggie,
    I see you have caught Spot being A+.Keep up the great work Spot. Maggie you might like to see if you can catch Spot being A+ again?

    From Lucy

  3. Hi Spot,
    Nice work on your planner.
    Did you choose a good target?
    From Maggie & Josephine


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