Friday, 31 May 2013

Jack does math before school.

Jack is playing a math game on a iPad he is getting good at Maths because he does it before school.


  1. Hi E-team Endeavour

    I like the photo with Jack on the i-pad.
    What is Jack playing?
    It is good that Jack is doing maths before school.

    From Rachel and Jess

  2. Hi Endeavour
    You have been teaching Jack very well . Has he been a good boy your school so far . Have you been taking him home. I cant wait to get him back. We have been missing jack. We have been taking spot home he is a good boy.

    From Eliza

  3. Hi Springs-ton
    Jack is a little mathematician. Spot is doing really well in kowhai room.
    He keep's falling asleep on the mat so we have to keep waking him up .We gave him his own cushion to sit on when we are the mat.
    It is orange.He has been learning about shapes.He has been writing 100 word story in the class.

    By Lavinia

  4. That looks like a great app that Jack is using - what is it called?

    We have lots of favourite maths apps that we use - HyperBlast is one of our favs and Sakura Quick Math is another - Miss Lyall quite likes Maths with Zombies - Scary!

    What other apps do you like to use at school?

  5. Hi Jack,
    What times table were you doing?
    Did you pass the times tables you were on?

    From Maggie


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