Thursday, 16 May 2013

Home learning from Estée

Hi Allana,
Tonight I did my home work grid and I decided to email you about my after school activities.
I did my singing exam practice but today I did it with a real piano player. His name was Hamish and he had a grand piano.
 It was awesome because I had never done it before.
My real exam is on the 28th of May.
Tomorrow night I am going to watch a concert about singing and Hamish is in it.
From Estee

I love finding out about the exciting learning you all do at home.   I am really excited for Estée with her exam.  It takes lots of courage to complete exams in music or dance and I know lots of our class know how she feels and will give her lots of encouragement.


  1. I like that Estee but what else do you do.

  2. Well done Estee good luck for your exam how exciting!!


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