Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Snow Challenges

Hi team, I hope you are all wrapped up and warm at home like me.  I have a couple of challenges for you so we can prove that learning can happen anywhere!  Are you up for the challenge?

1.  Try that fun dice game we learned yesterday.  Throw 2-4 dice and see who can get closest to the decided target using any operation like addition, subtraction or multiplication.  E-mail me your target and how you got there if you want it to go on the blog - how about a photo of you doing it?

2.  Write a poem about your day at home, the snow or just write for fun.  I know you all have lots of great ideas just bursting to get out.  Make sure you e-mail it to me so I can put it on the blog for you.  Is there a picture or photo to go with the writing?

3.  Take some photos of the snow around you house or what you are doing in the snow. I have put up a photo of the snow at my house last year because there is not much here in Southbridge - yet!  

I wonder how many posts and photos we can get up onto the blog today when we are not even at school!  The challenge is on for the E-Team - I know you can do it!

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  1. Your seat mast be cold. By Bella k.


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