Monday, 25 June 2012

Bird feeders - empty

We came to school today to find the waxeye birds had eaten all the food. We will have to make more for the holidays.


  1. Man the waxeye birds were hungry and their was a lot of bird feeders.


  2. Can you please put a post up on how to make your bird feeders? I would like to make some for my birds at home. Thanks Erin

  3. Hi, This is Catriana From Ranzau School. My class is really excited about becoming your buddies for the year. I love your blog. It is really cool. We are looking forward to reading your animal descriptions so that we can try and draw your them.

  4. Man those birds went crazy. Ahh What are we going to do.
    Jess age 8 springston shcool rm6

  5. Waxeyes must be very hungry because they are eating all of the bird feeders.
    Brodie age 8

  6. Hi
    I live in springston and close to the school. All morning i heard lots of different birds sing sweetly. They must be enjoying your bird feeders.


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