Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blogger Test - reading challenge

I am using the Blogger App on my iPad to post this....

Week 10 Challenge:
We will all take 1-2 books home for the holiday. How many books can we read as a class over the holidays?


  1. Reeve thats great that you got some books out for your trip.

    Sophie age 8 E-Team endeavor.

  2. I am going to take 2 books from school and read 5-7 books from home to read

    Ripora age8

  3. WOw Allana I think that having a challenge is great I wonder how many people are up for it.
    Jess age 8 springston school rm6.

  4. Reeve i would like to read fossils it looks excting.
    Brodie age8


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