Saturday, 9 March 2013

What are you doing for Earth Hour?

What will you be doing for Earth Hour on March 23rd 2013 at 8.30?
Is one hour enough?
What can you promise to do EVERY DAY to help look after our Earth?

Write a comment to share your promise. It might be something like turning off the lights when you leave the room. It might be turn the tap off or even pick up rubbish when you see it.

We are a team and imagine if we all made and kept a promise to look after the Earth?
What would happen then?


  1. To Room 6
    I will turn lights off when I go out of a room. And pick up rubbish when I see it.

    From Lucy

  2. If every one makes a promise to protect our planet, we can all have a nice green planet that has love and care.

    From Lucy

  3. Sam promises to turn the lights off when he leaves the room and Zac will have short showers to not waste the water.
    Room 6 Team Endeavour

  4. I will turn off the lights

    Isabella M
    age 9

  5. I will turn off the lights when i leave any room in the house.

    by Estee

  6. To Room6
    I priomes to pick up rubbish when I see some.
    From Chloe

  7. I am going to promise that I will not put glad wrap in my lunch box and shut the door when the heat pump is on.
    From Bella

  8. Jack promises to pick up rubbish when he sees it and Josh will turn the lights out when he leaves the room.

  9. I will put the scraps in the compost bin and give them to the chickens.

    By Liam, Tate

  10. Use candle. turn the t.v off when done. turn the light off when your not in the room.
    Josh Jess.

  11. I will promise to not wast power from Harriet and Mahora

  12. TO Room6
    I will take care of the schools proptey.
    From Daniella

  13. Rot most of my weeds in the compost and plant more in the garden by Tor,Alfonso.

  14. I will turn off all the lights when I am not in the room and pick up rubbish.
    room 6

  15. Wow - that's the most comments we have had on one post in one day!

    I can see that you are all really interested in making a difference to help our Earth. Let's get our promises written on leaves for the Promise Tree we are going to put in the library.

    I promise to turn the lights off when I leave a room. I will also try to use less plastic bags in my lunch - or at least wash them and re-use them lots of times.

  16. Wow when is earth hour? And that man going to college dressed asa woman.

    isaac c

  17. Great it looks awesome.
    From William


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