Monday, 18 March 2013

Blog visitors celebration cake!

Today we reached 40,275 blog visits. That is amazing. To celebrate the teacher made us a yummy cake.

How can we get even MORE visitors?  Tell us in a comment.


  1. Room6
    That looks really good. You can tall more schools and friends.
    From Bella.

  2. To room 6,
    I will email the blog link to my friends in other places.

    From Lucy

  3. Allana:
    I will keep tweeting the teachers on Twitter to come and visit when we have done something cool.
    I will also find out about 'Comments 4 kids' and how we can be part of that.
    What about trying Quad-blogging again? What do you thing Year 5's?

  4. Allana: hey - we could spread the word by commenting on heaps of different blogs and leaving our blog link. That might spread like a catchy disease!

  5. What cake looks nice. Did you have a nice party?:)

    Isabella M
    Age 9


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