Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cultures rules

We have been looking at what rules people have around food.  Here are some that I found out.

If you are left-handed in Iran and the host gives you a right-handed fork by mistake you just eat with your right hand. Got ya.

English people think it is okay for the Americans to eat fried chicken with their hands if there are no utensils around.

In many parts of Scotland most children aren't home after dinner because lunch is called dinner.


  1. Yes I come from Scotland originally and we used to call lunch "dinner" and we called dinner "tea"!!
    We could go out for a special tea at a hotel and there it would be called "High tea". It usually included some of those fancy cakes sitting on a cake stand... yum!

    1. To waxeye
      Thanks for the comment it was great fun finding these facts out and others.

      By Lucy

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Where did you find all your information?
    You must of learnt lots of stuff about cultures.
    From Maggie


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