Friday, 8 March 2013

Jojo's Home Learning

Mum, Emily, and I went to the Flower Show. This is called a Bonsai Garden, and it has a rising sun behind it. This is a symbol of Japan, and the rising sun is on the Japanese flag. We met a winner of one of the Gold awards. He was on T.V with his mum. He told us he finished his garden half an hour before the judging, and didn't clean his mess untill just before the judges arrived. My favourite garden was the spiral water garden. That had a gold award too.

By JoJo

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  1. I can see that you did lots of learning at the garden show. You also told us lots about the bonzi gardens during our sharing time.

    We were very excited to get a post that had been done from home. The other kids think they might try but are going to SAVE their work for the teacher to check before it gets published.

    Well done on being the first of the E-Team to publish from home :)


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