Sunday, 24 March 2013

Out of the shadows - Liam

The clock face is shining out of the enveloping shadow.
The white shining angel stands guard over the village as they rest. The houses have got beautiful curly, whirly doors, but in the secret darkness hides a shadow. 

He has bright droopy eyes glowing with the sparkling moon. His big head is long and oval like the shape of an egg. A tuft is curling and pointing up. Don't you dare touch it or you'll get cut. The shadow wondered why he was stuck with the mischevious ones and thought there must be more to life. Bravely he stepped into the night. 

The moon is glittering like the stars glimmering at night.  The tower has chipped bricks and is very dangerous.

A sudden a glow popped out of a cupcake window.  Slowly and carefully the shadow crept to the library. He was astonished when he made it to the light. Tall towers of books stood crooked all around. 

His eyes were caught by the glittering light.  Fluttering sparkles dropped from her sparkling eyes.  He had found what he had been looking for.

Suddenly the warmth in his heart died as the candle flame got whooshed out.  Everything was black.  In despair the shadow collapsed, cuddling the base of the lonely candle.  

Whisps of smoke are moving closer and they emerge as a shadow.   He looks in wonder.  She is alive! 

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  1. Liam
    I like the way you have been doing the fun words and using the start and the middle and end.
    By Bella

  2. Good work liam but how many simeles can you find.



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