Sunday, 15 April 2012

Visit our Blog Posters

Our challenge in Term 2 is to get more people visiting our blog and leaving commnents. 
To do this we might need to advertise our blog - starting with our families. 
One of your ICT challenges is to develop an advertising poster for our blog in Comic Life. 

What skills will you need? 
What workshops will we have to run? 
Who can you get good ideas from...?


Check out his blog and write him a message to say what is effective about his poster.

Write a comment on this post about what you think we should use for an effective poster.  Try using the Junior School tool - a fist list.  That means one idea for each finger.


  1. The font (letteriing) must be easy to read.

  2. It looks great.
    Chloe age seven.


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