Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Meet the Quadblogging Team!

Like I said - we have joined Quadblogging and now we know who is in our team - yippee. 

Including us, there are four different blogs from around the world for us to be visiting on a regular basis.  If you want to be reminded about Quadblogging then click on this link for a cool video to explain. 

Our team includes...

Room 3 Sacred Heart Cathedral School



Your challenge for Thursday and Friday is to visit these three blogs and find out all you can about these classes.  Next week we will take turns to visit one blog and leave effective comments for them.  I can't wait!

Visiting Plan:
Week 2:  Wix Primary (30th - 6th April)
Week 3:  Springston E-Team (7th - 13th May)
Week 4:  Brookburn Primary (14th - 20th May)
Week 5:  Sacred Heart School (21st - 27th May)


  1. The teacher from Brookburn is Miss Jopling.
    Sophie 7 Years

  2. The teacher from wix primary is Miss Donacren.
    From Bria
    age 8


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