Sunday, 1 April 2012

Co-ordinates for maths - yipee

Our Asttle test results showed we need to learn about how we can use co-ordinates to find a position on a map. This is exciting because we get to play Battle Ships, draw things and play games in maths this week.

Here are a couple of ICT games you can play.  Remember they can also be acccessed on our maths tab at the top of the blog.

Billy Bug 1 - Feed Billy by putting in the correct co-ordinate.
Dinosaur Hunt - Search for bones by using the co-ordinates. 
Catch the Fly - Experiment to see what happens in different quadrants!  This one is tricky.


  1. They look like grate co-ordinates games.

    Isaac year4

  2. The dinosaur game looks cool

    Chloe and Sophie both age7


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