Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Holiday Home Learning

Must do:

1. Read every day (Blue & Green groups books from group box)
2. Work on spelling and tables
3. Have family fun – take photos and e-mail for the blog with writing 
         (1-2 sentences) e-mail to

Can do:
4. Research ANZAC DAY and present it in any way – mini project
5. Complete your own mini research project
6. Weaving – bring your projects in for Liz’s display in the office

Have a go at the Dance Mat touch typing programme in the tab at the top of the blog.  It will improve our typing skills for all those great pieces of writing in Term 2.

1 comment:

  1. For help information about ANZAC Day, don't forget to look at Springston School's Bookmarks on Delicious:

    Also try Many Answers:



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