Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sacred Heart School Challenge

Room 3 Sacred Heart School
This Thursday and Friday, your challenge is to visit our quadblogging buddy and search their blog to find out all you can about them:

1. How old are they?

2. What country and city do they come from? (Can you find it on a map?)

3. What is their teacher's name?

4. What makes their school special?

5. What things on their blog do you love and would like to try?

6. What do you want to find out about them?

Find out all you can and write this information or your questions in a comment below. Remember to add your name, age and try adding our URL.


  1. Their teachers name is Miss Canney
    Georgia age 8

  2. They might be a church school. Chloe 7 years old

  3. They live in the U.K.
    They do lots of 100 word writing.
    They are learning about the Vikings.
    From George

  4. Their teacher is excited about starting Quadblogging on Monday!

  5. I find out that in maths you are trying to solv 17 facts in 30 seconds you can move to the next level. from Eli.


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