Monday, 5 May 2014

Rosie's Puppies

Fern's Puppies
The day Fern had her puppies was a nice and sunny day. I was going to friend Lily's house when Lucy, Lily's mum, got a call from Dad that Fern had had two puppies. We had to turn and go back to my house.  I was so excited. When we got there Dad said that Fern had had her puppies in my tree hut.  The puppies felt warm, wet and fragile. One hour went by then I saw a see-through blue bubble and I could see the shape of a puppy.  A few more hours went by and we had seven puppies. Dad had to get up in the middle of the night and help the runt drink from Fern properly.  If he hadn't helped the puppy she would have died.

Three weeks went by and every puppy had their name.  The runt is called Skinny Malink and the others are called Brownie McGee, Young Drumble, Nike, Stripes, Tui, and Harry Potter.  I am enjoying having puppies. Fern and the family will deeply miss them when they go.


  1. This is an amazing piece of writing from home for fun. I love the way you have used paragraphs and the way you used a clause in the second sentence - Lily's mum.

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  3. Hi,my name is Melissa and i'm from St Johns Kearsley primary school and Rosie your puppies are sooo cute! Are you going to keep some of them or keep them all?

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  4. Getting to know your dog before naming her is important, but the quicker you name her, the better it will be for pet and owner.


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