Thursday, 15 May 2014

KidscafeNZ - Learn to speak Samoan

Check out the KidscafeNZ workshop on how to say hello in Samoan by Tuala and Sammy.


  1. Hello
    We enjoyed watching your tutorial about How to say Hello in Samoan.
    We are going to use these greetings in our classroom!
    From Room 7
    Vardon School

  2. Mālō boys (am I writing that correctly?)

    I found your video really helpful - it's much easier to learn when I can see the words AND hear you pronouncing them correctly. It was a very good idea to say the words several times, not just once.

    I wasn't sure what the extra words meant that you were adding after 'mālō'. Can you please write those words on your pictures too, or explain what the extra words mean?

    Don't forget to smile and show us your great personalities!


  3. Hi Tuala and Sammy
    you could improve by saying the meaning of the words.
    from Elliot.


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