Sunday, 25 May 2014

Kidscafenz: Make your choices!

Take a look through the many movies you can select from.

What do the people in your team want to learn?
How are you going to negotiate your choices so that you all have a fun learning time on our Kids Cafe Day?

Use the team selection sheet to list your choices and check what materials you will need to bring.  You might have to nook in a device with Minecraft PE.  It is all about being flexible and compromising so we all have a great time learning.
Don't forget to assign people to bring the materials and get ready for a whole lot of AKO Kids!

1 comment:

  1. My top recommendations:

    I'm keen to learn how to do a yoyo trick - might need to bring one with me but I could go back and re-visit the movie once I get home.

    Voki are great things for recording your voice and making a cool avatar. You could use these on your blog.

    That fried rice and sherbet look pretty good but remember - are your going to bring the ingredients and make it on Cafe Day or just learn and make it at home?

    I wonder what science experients we could add to the next round of Kids Cafe Day?


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