Sunday, 4 May 2014

Let's get ready for Term 2

Last term we learned how to work as a team.  We know how to choose good targets and have worked towards achieving them.  In the last week of term, we took a risk and ran KidsAKO workshops for Rooms 3 & 8.  It was MAGIC!  You can do anything.

I am thinking we are ready to do something even more amazing.  I wonder what it could be....

What's up for this term:
Writing - instructions, explanations & movie / workshop scripts
Reading - heaps of information books and even more books of your own choice
Maths - moving into multiplication & division, measurement
Te Reo - days & months, counting over 10, telling the time, my birthday
Science:  What is a scientist?  What do they do? Lots of experiments!
ICT: Explain Everything, Movie making, Twitter, Blogging
Learning:  Targets, planners, independence, AKO - Kids Cafe

Aaahhh - I know we have heaps of exciting thing to do and learn together during Term 2.  I bet you have lots of ideas for us as well.  I can't wait to hear them.  :)

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