Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Court Theatre

On Wednesday the 29th of October room 4 went to Court Theatre in Addington.The actors had came from the Art Theatre. The Art Theatre was knocked down in our earhquake. They had also lost all their props & costumes.

We went into the theatre and the band was rehearsing. Then we went backstage. They had their props set up so they could find them easily ready for the show Stag Weekend. There was a TV backstage so the actors knew when to go on. They made models of their set & of their costumes. Then they made them so they wouldn't waste materials. When they had a costume change sometimes they didn't need to change their hair. They made their change in how they moved and spoke. 

We had a workshop. We did a warm for arms and legs then one for our voice. Then we did lots of acting. We were the first group they had taught that got a 10 out of 10! They travel a lot. 

I enjoy acting & I liked everything! I found out that they went to NASDA and knew Kirsty-my dancing teacher.


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