Thursday, 16 October 2014

Anger Management - We can make a difference!

Wednesday was our first Anger Management session.  We wrote down what has been the worst of the anger and violence that we have been seeing in the playground and our class.

These were some of the things we didn't like about:
1.  Wasting our learning time.
2.  Making bad choices when you are angry.
3.  People not giving you space when you are angry.
4.  Getting hurt by others.
5.  How to calm down after you get angry.

We all stood up to show we wanted to either learn how to manage our won anger or lern how to recognise the warning signs in others and help them manage their anger.
I was very proud of the attitude of the people in our waka.  It reminds me that although we are small, we can do mighty things.

When you are getting angry put your hand up and say "STOP". The person will say OK then walk away.

This poerson decided to make a difference too.

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