Thursday, 30 October 2014

Going to the Court Theatre

Today we went to the Court Theatre. Our tour guides were Emma (who took Room 4) and Lizzie (who took Room 3). First we went and sat down in our seats in the actual theatre and met Luke the music organiser and watched the band tune. Then we went over to see the dressing rooms and some basic props for 'Stag Weekend'. The props for 'Stag Weekend' were a possum, deer antlers, a Weet-bix box, phone, rifle, lighter, matches, crate of beer, Tui beer boxes, newspaper and duct tape. After we got to go on stage to see what it was like through the back of the trees and the shed.

After we went to the workshop to see all the bits of timber and wood and other props. Then we went and looked at the costume room. Emma said that the costume ladies were the busiest because they spent all day cutting and sewing and measuring fabrics. The ladies have to make the costume on dolls first to make sure it looked right before they made the real thing. 

Next we were very lucky to have a sneak peek of the people rehearsing.  It looked cool with some of the props.

Next we got to look around all the offices. By then we were very hungry so we sat down and had our morning tea. Then yay it was time for our drama acting. First we did some warm ups for our body, voice and brain. We had to use lots of imagination to do the acting.

By Kaylee

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