Saturday, 13 September 2014

Five Sentence Challenge: The Bus Stop

Check out the picture prompt for this week's five sentence challenge.

It is due in on Wednesday and I will only be postiing up the work from the 'Boys Box' writers this week.

All other posts will be celebrated on our blogs and tweeted out on Friday for people to read.  Try getting your family to write you a comment on your post this week.

Try gathering some ideas for us in a comment under these headings:

1.  Nouns
bus, sky, church steeple, bicycle, butcher shop

2. Adjectives
tall, cloudy, dark, shiny, jolly, 

Stopped, sitting, gathered, watching

4. Adverbs
Sitting silently, watching carefully

5. Similes
The dark sky hung over the village like a bad mood.

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