Monday, 25 August 2014

How to prepare for a tsunami

New Zealand is a country that often gets tsunamis. It is important that we all know what to do before, during and after a tsunami to help us ‘GET THRU’.

A tsunami is the Japanese word for a giant wave from the ocean. The East coast of NZ gets tsunamis so we need to be prepared for the hazards they cause! A tsunami is caused by a large disturbance on the seafloor, these are the most likely things that they are caused by earthquakes, meteorites, volcanoes and landslides. They can cause floods, polluted water and badly destroy property.

What to do before:
If you want to survive a tsunami then it is important that you know what to do and are prepared. First you need to know if your local area could be hit by a tsunami, have a family plan and a survival kit.  It is also important to know tsunami signs of water rising and falling quickly and the sea bubbling and foaming like a fizzy can. You also need to know a safe place near your house that is 1km inland or 35 metres above sea level.

What to do during:
When you have heard of a tsunami alert you need to act immediately. Take three deep breaths and stay calm.  Leave the area immediately and go to a safe spot 1km inland or 35m above sea level.  Make sure you completely avoid any rivers or beaches. If you are at home, grab your pets (only the smallish ones leave cows/horses at home) and save your self - not your stuff.

What to do after:
After a tsunami hits, don’t rush back home to soon. Wait until the radio says that you can return home. This may be up to at least four to five hours because tsunamis can strike from one minute to three hours apart. Still you need to stay calm and listen to the radio and if you can, try to help others. Make sure you do not go sightseeing at any rivers or beaches stay away until you know it is safe.

New Zealanders are always adaptable and ready for a challenge. If we get ready for a tsunami, then we can look after ourselves and others.

By Kaylee

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