Monday, 25 August 2014

Be ready for a storm

A storm can be very dangerous so you must be prepared and know what to do before, during and after the event. Read this report to make sure you know what to do.

A storm can be very destructive and cause many hazards.  The winds in a storm can get up to 87km an hour.  This would cause floods, power cuts and the roof of houses to fly off.  You need to listen to the radio to hear the MET weather report. 

What to do before a storm:
It is important to be prepared for an emergency, especially a storm.  You must have a family survival kit that will provide you with food and water for 7 days.  Tidy up around your house to remove anything that might fly away in big winds. Bring your pets inside and stay there with them as you listen to the radio for instructions.

What to do during a storm:
During a storm there are things you must do to keep yourself safe. Stay inside with the curtains closed so any broken glass does not fly around.  Stay away from the windows but open one on the calm side of the house, away from the storm. 

What to do do after the storm:
After the storm it is important to follow these guidelines because there could still be many hazards.  Remain inside listening to the radio for instructions. Keep out of flooded water and avoid fallen power lines because they might be 'live'.

Storms can happen 1-2 times every year.  You must be prepared before they happen and know what to do before, during and after the storm to keep your family safe. 

By Jaimee Lea

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