Sunday, 13 April 2014

Term 1 Reflection: Allana

Positive: This term I am proud of...

  • teaching the class the karakia and some of them being able to say it without looking, with the actions.  
  • using more Te Reo phrases every day in class.  
  • how we are keeping the classroom more tidy - especially my desk!

Next steps:  Next term I want to...

  • unpack more strategies in maths for our display so all our learners can see what the next step is.  
  • ask our waka members for more ideas on how to make our class better for learning.
  • use the 'outdoors' and environment more for our learning.  
  • let the team members take more responsibility - like the ECO Team Leaders on projects and let them lead more of the learning in our waka.

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