Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kids AKO - children running workshops for children!

At the end of Term 1, we ran KidsAKO with Rooms 8 and 3.  That was when we ran workhsops for the other classes.
There were lots of activities to do. We ran a ColAR App workshop. It makes a 3D picture. We had a lot different pictures like a house, a hot air balloon, doll and a teddy bear. We had 8 people in our group. Our team was good at getting set up and encouraging people.

We need to work on sharing the devices and each having a go at being the leader. The little kids were very excited about our workshop. 

By Tate

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  1. Hi Tate, that look like a really cool 3D picture .The Dragon is really bright, it catches peoples eyes and they want to write a comment on it. You have described the team well and what you could work on .


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