Saturday, 14 August 2010

Pizza fraction challenge

Our learning teams are all working on fractions at the moment and I found this cool question for you to answer.

The Adventures of Mrs. Meatball.

Mrs. Meatball orders pizza cut into 8 slices. Her daughter eats 1/4 ofthe pizza. Her son eats 1/2 of the pizza and she eats one slice.

1. Is there any pizza left?

2. What fraction of the pizza did the family eat?

I got this questions straight from the blog of Sensational Seven but beware - they are only seven and eight years old.  I hope we can answer their maths problem! 

Go and check out their answers and make sure you post your answer on our blog as a comment.  Don't forget to explain how you solved the problem and add your first name. 

Always keep safe by not posting any other personal details on the blog.


  1. Hi That Pizza looks nice. And your Blog is Outstanding. I like your Blog Very much.

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  2. Hey Chase - did you figure out the answer to the pizza question or have those 7 & 8 year old kids beaten us?

    Our whole class love it when we get comments from other kids - so thanks. We love to visit your blog but we need to leave some more comments. That can be our challenge for this week.

  3. There is still one peice of pizza left. The family ate 7/8 of the pizza. I worked this out by drawing a circle and dividing it into eight peices. Then I coloured a quater (2 peices) for her daughter and half (4 peices) for her son. Then I coloured in one more peice leaving me with one peice.
    From Haidee the E-Team


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