Sunday, 17 October 2010

Land Art

Room 6 Land Art on PhotoPeach


  1. WOW your land art is amazing, I loved it. It reminded me of environmental or nature art. I can't wait to shared it with my students.

  2. Well done Room 6! I really enjoyed the video and you had a brilliant imagination. I also want to say on behalf of Rooms 5, 6 and 7, a big thank you to Mrs Taylor for letting our imagination run wild with nature.

    From Anton The E-Team.

  3. Gosh Anton - I just gave you all a push in the right direction and you all really surprised me with your creativity.

    Don't forget you will be given the opportunity to express yourself later in the inquiry. What would you want to say and what art form takes your fancy so far? Dance, drama, music, sculpture or fabric and fibre?

    I can't wait till the expert week next week!

  4. I like the way how the pink flower has a little shell inside and how the land art is made with lots of pieces. I also like the way you have put the pieces in all different ways and none of the art work is the same so that makes it look really cool!

  5. Wow guys - this land art seems to have really taken your fancy. I love all the comments on the slide show too.

    What was great about doing land art is that lots of us who didn't think we were very artistic could produce something really effective. It also makes you look at the art in nature all around us.


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