Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Speck goes sailing with Robbie

Speck had an adventure last night! He went sailing! At the weekend I went to the ICONZ Raft Race. I made a boat out of flax because we had mini raft races down the river. We also had big rafts with four of us on board and it was really fun.

Speck saw my little raft and he said 'Can we go sailing?' I said 'What on?' Speck said 'That little raft looks just the right size for me!'
So I said 'Mum Speck wants to go sailing!' Mum said 'I know just the place!'

Here are the photos of Speck sailing on the raft in the sun. He went out really deep and I thought I couldn't get him back. Then I had a great idea. I yelled out 'Lets get the flippers from the car'. We made waves with the flippers at the edge to push the little raft to the other side of the pond and I ran round and rescued Speck and his little raft.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Robbie
    It looks like spot is having a lot of fun.
    Where are you?
    from Maya


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